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Friday, September 10, 2004

Time: Noon

Quick Log on Info:, 1-800-573-0319 (or 610-312-0239)

Participant code: 19247030.

Contact: Alison McCaffree


past event

Online Seminar Sponsored by LFM and SDM

Topic: Extreme Programming, or XP
It is best described by this text taken from the method's web site: "The methodology is designed to deliver the software your customer needs when it is needed. XP empowers your developers to confidently respond to changing customer requirements, even late in the life cycle. This methodology also emphasizes team work. Managers, customers, and developers are all part of a team dedicated to delivering quality software. XP implements a simple, yet effective way to enable groupware style development." XP is successful because it stresses customer satisfaction. The presentation will introduce XP in some detail, and then compare various XP methodologies and techniques to established Systems Engineering best practices. We will review XP in the context of other 'Agile' software (and general) product development methods, and describe what a System's Engineer needs to know to work well with a software team practicing XP. Can some of the XP principles apply to traditional Systems Engineering tasks?

Speaker: Joseph (Yossi) Weihs
Yossi has experience in multidisciplinary problems including Systems, Software, Aeronautical, Mechanical and Electronics integration. He is Co-Founder and Director of Technical Services of Bandwiz Inc based in Framingham MA. This company produces Content Delivery Networking solutions, based on P2P multicast technologies. Previously, he has worked as Project leader for Orbotech Ltd, Israel, and as Project Manager for the Israeli Air Force Engineering. Yossi has a Masters in Engineering in Systems Engineering as well as a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the Technion Israel Institute of Technology. He is the president of the Incose New England chapter.

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